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About Us

Small in Size. Big in Ideas.

It doesn’t take a full service ad agency to come up with big, innovative ideas. At Healthy Creative, we dig in to learn a lot about your business, your goals, your competition and your challenges. Our clients view us as a trusted creative partner.

Collaboration and strategic creativity bring results. We deliver ideas that solve immediate needs, build awareness and even transform entire brands. And instead of you paying for unnecessary staff and time, we partner with top advertising professionals to produce creative solutions for your specific challenges — similar to how a PCP works with specialists.

Our team depends entirely on the needs of the assignment. It may include a writer, web designer, producer, social media expert, photographer or illustrator. All used only as needed. Our mission is to help you cultivate and motivate your audience, all while protecting your business’ bottom line.

Founded by Jane Kelley, an award-winning art director and graphic designer with over 20 years of ad agency experience, Healthy Creative has a passion for healthcare and healthy living clients but is not limited to that. We take pride in developing innovative branding to separate and elevate clients from your competition. We relish marketing challenges and can handle everything from a simple logo design or brochure to a website or integrated corporate branding campaign. And we know the difference between arthroscopy and atherectomy, the complexities of a changing healthcare environment, and a whole lot more.

Let us put our wealth of experience to work for you. Strategic design gets results!

About Jane Kelley

Jane was creative from the start. Fingerpaint and Play-Doh lead to the harder stuff. And with schooling — a degree in Advertising Design from Syracuse University — to advertising and graphic design, and then on to web design. She was fortunate to have a passion early on and pursued it with zest. Setting her apart from many creatives, she also inherited her father’s engineering and organizational skills. This endows her with creativity backed by strong strategic communication, a grasp of complex technologies, attention to detail — and a drive to meet budgets and deadlines. Creativity you can count on.

“Many thanks for being such a huge part of our success.
You will never know how much you are appreciated.”

— Tracy Fenner & Ann Hamill, Fenner & Hamill